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Get Active. Stay Healthy.

Fitdigits motivates people to live healthier, happier lives, helping to learn about themselves and their bodies through fitness and education.



Fitdigits is all about stimulating new healthy habits. We help people become physically and emotionally fit so they can accomplish the important things in life. More and more people on our planet are overweight, out of shape and emotionally stressed. The crux of the problem is behavior.


How is Fitdigits different than other mhealth apps? Fitdigits connects the individual to his or her own personal coaching and health tracking platform, giving people control over their own health and healthcare costs long-term.


Our platform collects and analyzes data from a host of wearable sensors and communicates a comprehensible picture to the individual, enabling self-discovery and new behaviors.


Fitdigits can become the user’s personal coach. The ecosystem allows users to go beyond activity tracking to actual behavior change. We enable people to create goals and rituals, receive timely customized content, and assess and monitor various health metrics, such as blood pressure, weight, sleep, ultimately leading to the formation of new health habits.


With personal wireless technologies that combine smartphone and hardware sensors, Fitdigits can connect with literally hundreds of sensors, other popular health apps, activity trackers, accessories and wearable devices via WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0.


Come, exercise and grow with us! Listen to your heart!



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Founded years ago as a mobile phone app to track personal fitness. First mobile app on the market to incorporate heart rate training.


Core Competencies


Robust technology platform

Engaging experiential solutions


Data driven design

Healthy behavior insights

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