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The 4 Keys to Cardio Fitness

1. Assess   2. Enable    3. Sweat   4. Succeed.


Heart Rate & Exercise -

Getting the Most of Your

ExperienceWhat You NeedThe free apps are great, but to get the best experience you need: • An iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android device• Any Fitdigits App - Upgraded• A Compatible Heart Rate Monitor• Other Health & Fitness Monitors (Optional) 

Cardio fitness is important to everyone.

Whether you’re an elite athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or have simply resolved to improve your health, your heart is the heart of a results-oriented health and fitness program. By knowing your heart and how it responds to exercise, you can target your workouts to fulfill specific goals, from breaking through performance barriers to concerns with your heart health.


The most effective cardio workout is customized exercise based on you and your goals.

The best cardio program for you is one that is designed specifically for you; based on your health, physical build, fitness level, limitations, strengths, ongoing progress and fitness goals. But most programs, whether supervised or self-directed, are not built from baseline and ongoing data. We just start walking, running, or riding with no real plan. So we cheat ourselves of achieving the best results possible.


Customize your exercise program and optimize your cardio fitness with Fitdigits.

Fitdigits provides the baseline and ongoing information you need to build your cardio fitness program, and fine tune it as you progress for optimum results. Our "Four Keys to Fitness" process – Assess-Enable-Sweat-Success – gets you started and keeps you going.





First, assess your Fitdigits Cardio Fitness app. Take a few minutes to launch the app and familiarize yourself with it before you go for a workout. There are four key features that will make your first Fitdigits experience more fun and productive.


Second, assess your current fitness level. In-app features will help you identify your max heart rate during exercise and your Personal Training Zones, so your workout is not too strenuous or too easy, but right in your wheelhouse.


Third, assess your goals. Are they attainable and appropriate to your current fitness levels? If you haven’t run in years, don’t shoot for a marathon. Challenge yourself, but be realistic and enjoy your journey, however performance-oriented or practical your goals may be.




Shatter your personal best time or distance. Climb a mountain. Lose ten pounds. Look and feel better. Whatever you goals, Fitdigits enables you to attack them by tracking and reporting on your body’s response to exercise and the progress you’re making. You define your goals and Fitdigits provides all the metrics you need – effort level, heart rate, calorie burn, carb vs fat burn, pace, distance, speed, cadence and turnover – to achieve them.




Sweat equity is sweet equity. When you put in the work, you get awesome results. We’ve worked hard to give you the assessment and tracking tools you need. Now it’s up to you to put in the real work. And when you do, you will love the results. From small victories to giant achievements, you’ll enjoy the sweet sensation of success with every goal reached. And one goal accomplished will lead to another. Your body in motion will tend to stay in motion as an integral part of your new, active lifestyle.


We can give you the tools and some motivation, but without your efforts… well, lets take the positive look instead; with your efforts, the sky is the limit, there’s no goal too big or too small. You can rock the planet and show the world you love it! Learn to love the sweat – it’s your brain telling your body you love it and care enough to provide what’s good for it.




Listening to Your HeartIf you listen to your heart on a regular basis, you can get all kinds of information about your health and fitness. Fitdigits allows you to listen to your heart and get realtime feedback on the intensity level of your workout, the stress you’re putting on your heart, how your heart is responding, and how your fitness level is advancing. No other system lets you know so much, so quickly, and so easily.




Not all exercise programs are successful. Mainly because we can’t see incremental results. We’re conditioned to want it all, NOW.


Fitdigits provides the incremental feedback that proves your exercise is paying off. For example, expanding your Personal Training Zones is a huge sign of success and a great motivator. Without Fitdigits, that information is not available. But with Fitdigits, you get the data that demonstrates successful progress, motivates commitment and ultimately results in one success after another, until your goals are achieved.


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