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Get Active. Stay Healthy.

When you’re responsible for the health and wellbeing of a population, you have to get creative on how to engage people on a personal level to work towards healthy outcomes. Fitdigits is the perfect tracking solution.

Fitdigits’ group solutions are custom designed to fit the culture and requirements of medium to large populations, meeting the needs of both employers and employees. We are in the business of stimulating new healthy habits through experiences that provide ongoing engagement, leading to changed lives and transformed companies.


How Fitdigits Benefits Your Organization

Fitdigits’ mission is to improve the health, fitness and performance of your group. We build our solutions around our award-winning apps and tools with goals, performance metrics, and customized challenges. The inspired outcome is engaged, healthy employees, resulting in valuable benefits for your organization: improved productivity and less turnover, lower health care costs, fewer sick days, and improvements in employee morale.


Fitdigits Platform

The Fitdigits platform substantially enriches solutions. It was designed from the ground up to support tracking and reporting, resulting in experiences that personalizes engagements around the pillars of fitness, activity, nutrition, sleep and stress.


Fitdigits motivates people to live healthier, happier lives while motivating them to be active.



Fitdigits Group Solutions


Our system offers customizable solutions including:


• Content and/or wellness programs, including support for health assessments

• Challenges and competitions

• Goal setting and tracking

• Reward system

• Support of coaching integration

• Custom reporting

• Delivery of customizable and time-based programs

• Tracking tools for behaviors, attitudes, etc.

• Integration of third party sensors and health monitors

• Time-based fitness plans

• Private labeling and/or custom UI design

• HIPAA compliant security


Fitdigits approaches wellness differently. Contact Fitdigits today to explore our employee wellness solutions for your organization.



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