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Enable: Heart Rate Training & Planning


Using the System to Reach Your Goals


Fitdigits was created to enable you to reach your goals by tracking and reporting on your progress and efforts. In other words, Fitdigits was born to help you succeed. This second key to cardio fitness is all about identifying what you want to get out of your workouts - your desires and goals - then developing a plan on how to get there and stay there. Once you have the tools and know your personalized training zones (which we enable you to get through Assessments), and a plan, you have everything you need to get fit and stay healthy, and do anything you want.

There is nothing you can't do when you know your body and your potential. You can run your first 5K race or marathon, lose 5 pounds, push yourself to grow past any previous boundaries, or maintain your fitness level. Fitdigits enables you to design a complete cardio program that gives you the most benefit along your goal path, tracking all the metrics you need to get there – effort level, heart rate, caloric expenditure, carb vs fat burn, pace, distance, speed, cadence, and turnover. It’s all you need, depending on your needs.


Choose Your Goal:

Guides for Using Heart Rate Training ...which one are you?


Being Fit & HealthySometimes all we really want is to be fit and healthy. We want each of our energy systems performing properly and at optimal levels, so we can do what we want when we want - like hikes and bike rides with the family, beautiful sunset runs along dirt trails, or just being able to perform optimally at work and home. You work out and exercise because you know it’s good for you, good for your family, good for productivity and good for your mood! ● more

Losing Weight and Keeping it OffFad diets - yuck. Working out so hard you want to puke - yuck. You now realize that it's really lifestyle. Good eating habits combined with exercising intelligently and keeping active daily are the keys. When you need to lose some extra weight, slightly decreasing your calorie intake and increasing your physical activity are the keys. And you know (or at least do now) there is no more accurate way to find out how many calories you REALLY burn than to use heart rate. ● more

Optimizing FitnessWhen you are trying to optimize your fitness level, heart rate training becomes not just important, but critical. You are the kind of person who likes to set goals and meet them through your efforts over time. For you, knowing your heart rate and monitoring your training so you are performing optimally is key. Knowing yourself inside and out is important to you. ● more





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