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Get Active. Stay Healthy.

Plus - Heart Rate Training

Take your training up a notch, or simply monitor for health and learning about your body! Add heart rate monitoring support today - Plus gives the basics get you up, moving and motivated, with no ongoing subscription.

Heart Rate Monitoring Support

Monitor your heart rate while working out, giving you the best approximation for caloric burn, time in zones, effort level and  more. Perfect for the casual exerciser or for those training for their next race. Join the heart rate tracking movement today and learn about your heart and your body. Get fit, stay healthy.


Steps, Daily Activity & Partner Linking

Whether you are using your phone, or even your watch, Fitbit, Garmin Vivofit, or any one of the many other supported daily activity trackers, we'll aggregate your steps, active time, and daily calories. When you true up those numbers with the more accurate calorie burn information you get when measuring heart rate during cardio exercises, you get the one of the truest views of your daily calorie burn and activity levels.

Import / Export Activities, Vitals

Export or Import your activities and health vitals like weight, blood pressure, and more with the Plus option. It is easy to create a spreadsheet to analyze results or simply share with doctors, friends, or family.

Technical Support

Plus members get a full year of email support on their purchase. If you have any trouble, let us know, we can typically provide a solution quickly and, we hope, easily. All other levels get support for the life of their subscription.


Pro Plus - Heart Rate & More

When you are ready for more comprehensive training, the Pro Plus is an excellent  choice.  In addition to all Plus features, it includes expanded Goals, Assessments, advanced sensor support, and more, for less than $1 per month. Join our family - we love what we do, and every subscription helps us greatly!


Measure Yourself - Fitness Assessments

Unlock a variety of Fitness Assessments, built for the beginner through top athlete. Assessments were created as a way of determining your cardio respiratory fitness levels. View results online and see your fitness increase over time, develop more accurate heart* and pace zones, and more.

Challenge Yourself - Set & Track Multiple Goals

When you have a goal, you have something to shoot for, be it a certain time you would like to run a 5k, a distance you want to be able to run by the end of the month or a certain amount of calories you want to burn. Each of us has different goals, but striving and working for the future, day by day, week by week, month by month, is key. That's why we have custom goals to make your journey more satisfying and rewarding.

Track Yourself - Speed & Cadence, Foot pod Support*

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can use a Foot Pod to track your runs or a Speed and Cadence Sensor to track your rides. Get smoother GPS and Speed data, analyze turnover and rotations, and really dive into improving and tracking your workouts.

Create Yourself - Custom Routines*

Custom Routines allows you to use Fitdigits to create and then perform interval workouts, based on time or distance and heart rate or pace. You also can customize these interval workouts so that the interval time will coincide with the beginning and end of a song of your choice.

*iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Only

Analyze Yourself - Activity Summary & Analysis Emails

Get Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly emails with a summary of your hard work and comparisons to the period before, sent directly to your email inbox. Be able to see how much you have accomplished while working out in the last week or month, including fun stats like your aggregate distance and total calories. Get the kick in the butt you need if you have been skipping your workouts or stay on top of your health and fitness goals.

Celebrate Yourself - Achievement Emails

So after you set a personal best on a workout, you want all the bells and whistles to acknowledge your awesomeness. Yes, the Fitdigits app will have our buddy Andy do a little dance to cheer you on, but sometimes that is just not enough. Well, with a subscription to My.Fitdigits Premium whenever you reach a notable achievement or Personal Record, we will send you an email in which we will bow down to your greatness and make note of your PR! Keep track of all of your workout achievements.


Advertising Free

Ad free workouts, health info, views. What more can you say? Worth it right there.

Be a Star Member and Rock On!

Sign up and get more motivation, better analysis, and more information to help you reach your goals. In addition to all Plus and Pro Plus features, it includes expanded heart rate analysis, workout comparisons, groups and leader board support, and more. When you know your health is important, and good health is easier, and cheaper to maintain than to re-gain, make the commitment to become a Star. We will do our very best to treat you that way!


Advanced Heart Rate Analysis

See advanced heart rate and training graphs and statistics like time in zones over multiple workouts, BPM histogram by zones, apply different zone sets to the histograms, and analyze your data over multiple workouts or types of workouts. Make sure you're building your base or pushing yourself as needed.


Compare Workouts

See up to four workouts side by side in order to see trends or differences over time. If you did a neighborhood loop a month ago, compare your pace and route side by side so you can see how all of your workouts are paying off. Also, compare heart rate charts and more to have a complete and holistic view of your progress.

Create Groups & Leader Boards

Join a group on, and have the ability to compare your workout results to your group of up to 10 friends, family and workout buddies. See who has worked out for the longest duration, traveled the furthest distance or burned the most calories. Challenge yourself to keep up with your group or you are in danger of getting left in the dust.

Add Photos after Activities

Star members can add photos even after the activity is complete. Tell a story with your efforts and journey through your active life.


Auto Share to Partners

Sometimes it is so much easier, when you already have a bunch of your activities on another portal such as Runkeeper, TrainingPeaks, DailyMile, or one of our other partners, to just want to automatically upload your workouts to them. With the Star membership, you can set the supported partners to share every time a workout is synced, keeping all your portals up to date and accurate.


Multi-route Mapping

For many Fitdigits users, vacation does not mean a break from working out! So when you upgrade to a Star membership, you have added the ability to see a map of all of the different places in the world you have worked out. Wear your workouts with pride and flaunt  all of the diverse workout locations you have came, saw and conquered. Fun stuff!


And more being added - coming soon: LiveTracking, including Group LiveTracking.

Get fit, stay healthy with  us!

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