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Tracking your workouts with the Fitdigits family of apps using only Location Services is all well in good. You get your speed or pace, distance, and a pretty reasonable guess of how many calories you burn. However, using the GPS only version of Fitdigits is akin to going to Disneyland and restricting yourself to only going on rides in Tommorrowland. Yeah, Space Mountain is a blast but you are missing out on so much more!


That is why we encourage all of our users to Go Pro. Go Pro for only $7.99 on iPhone, iPad and iPod or $5.99 on Android (as it does not have Custom Routine support yet) and get access to a series of splendid upgrades to get you ready to work out in style.


Pro Includes these In-App Upgrades:


Enable Sensors

The Enable Sensors upgrade is the key to unlocking the goody bag of greatness that is Fitdigits iCardio. This upgrade allows you to connect with a litany of health and fitness sensors, including a Heart Rate Monitor.


Heart Rate Monitors add a boatload of bonuses to your workout experience on the iPhone or Android. Tracking Heart Rate will allow for a much more accurate calorie count, as well as give you real time feedback of how your body is responding to your workout. If you are eager for more information on Heart Rate training, Fitdigits can get you started.


If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, a Heart Rate Monitor is not the only sensor your Fitdigits app can hitch up with. You can use a Foot Pod to track your runs or a Speed and Cadence Sensor to track your rides. Fitdigits is compatible with a wide variety of sensors, which we list on the Fitdigits compatibility page.


Armed with these fitness sensors, you have the tools needed to get fit and stay healthy. However, if you want the most accurate calorie count possible, you also need a good Fitness Assessment.


Fitness Assessments

One of the more intriguing features that separate Fitdigits and the PRO upgrade from the pack is our Fitness Assessments. When you first signed in to the Fitdigits app, you entered your height, weight, birthday and some additional profile information, including a Fitness Level. This profile information factors heavily into the Fitdigits calorie formula, especially the Fitness Level and VO2 Max.


While estimating your Fitness Level on a scale from 1-10 is a nice way to guess your VO2 Max, this does not ensure an accurate and personalized calorie count. The only way you can get the most accurate caloric burn reading is by completing a Fitdigits Fitness Assessment.


After completing a Fitness Assessment, you get inundated with a virtual cornucopia of helpful nuggets of knowledge, including but not limited to your VO2 Max, Fitness Level, Custom Pace and Heart Rate Zones, and Lactate Threshold. For more information on Fitness Assessments, as well as which Assessments unlock which stats, check out Fitness Assessments and Custom Training Zones.


Custom Routines*

*iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Only


Custom Routines allows you to use Fitdigits to create and then perform interval workouts, based on time or distance and heart rate or pace. You also can customize these interval workouts so that the interval time will coincide with the beginning and end of a song of your choice.


This option can add a bit of spice to your workouts and offers endless possibilities. You can create a superb Spin, raucous ride, randy run, jovial jog, challenging cardio, hellacious hike, or laborious lift all with a few pushes of a button. Challenge yourself and turn the intensity up a notch or seven with the help of Fitdigits voice feedback based Custom Routines.


Coming Soon…

The great thing about upgrading to PRO is you have access to a bevy of bountiful upgrades we have coming down the pipe in the future, including the ability to use your iPhone’s built in accelerometer as a pedometer. You only have to upgrade to PRO once to get first-rate functionality!



With Fitdigits and the PRO upgrade you have in your hand a powerful tool that enables you to use the 4 keys to Cardio Fitness: Assess, Enable, Sweat, and Succeed. Assess your goals and fitness level, Enable your success by planning out a training plan, put in the effort needed to work up a Sweat, and Succeed by hitting your goals and improving!

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