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Get Active. Stay Healthy.

How It Works



Customize Your Program

Energize Your Employees

Track Progress

Choose a plan, challenges, or customized program design

Easy sign up and engagement of your employees

Watch your workforce become healthy and fit!

When people start to pay attention, change happens.

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It’s all about Engagement

  • Engages employees with a new behavior changing platform that can significantly improve the health of your organization
  • Custom designed to fit the culture and requirements of medium to large populations
  • Meets the needs of both employers and employees

Engaging Experiences

Giving Coaches the Tools for Success

  • Group Management - Mobile and Online
  • Fitness and Health Assessments
  • Leader boards and Activity Sharing
  • Group Goals and Competitions
  • Social Group and Individual Sharing

Connect for Success

Studies show tracking calories with MyFitnessPal or other nutrition partners, and Daily Activity trackers like Misfit, UP or Fitbit, can significantly help people reach their goals.

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