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Join Us In Our Dream

Our dream and our goal is to provide the best heart rate tracking apps in the world and to educate users on the why, when, and how of heart rate monitoring & training, making it easy, personal, & fun.


At Fitdigits, we love to exercise, and many years ago we were fascinated with tracking heart rate and all the many things your heart can tell you about making yourself healthier. Heart rate can give you the most accurate calorie burn numbers, by a huge factor better than other methods. It can get you fit, tell you when you’re stressed, when your over-training, and much, much more. We were the first to bring heart rate to an Apple iOS devices, and we are still producing world class tracking and heart rate training apps today.


Please, join us, have some fun and learn a thing or two about your body!


Pro Plus

$9.99 / Year

$39.99 / Year
Basic Heart Rate Training & Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Steps, Daily Activity & Partner Linking Yes Yes Yes
Import / Export Activities, Vitals Yes Yes Yes
Technical Support 1 Yr. Yes Yes
Pro Plus
Fitness Assessments Yes Yes
Set & Track Multiple Goals Yes Yes
Speed & Cadence, Footpod Support* Yes Yes
Custom Routines* Yes Yes
Activity Summary & Analysis Emails Yes Yes
Achievement Emails Yes Yes
Advertising Free Yes Yes
Advanced Heart Rate Analysis Yes
Compare Workouts Yes
Create Groups & Leaderboards Yes
Add pictures to workouts after complete Yes
Auto-Share to Partners Yes
Multi-Route Mapping Yes
*Currently Available for iOS Only


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