Link your Facebook account to your Fitdigits account, and you can use the Facebook login, post to your wall or your pages, and more. Share with friends and family, and let the world know about your efforts!


Since 2006 Twitter has changed the way people around the world interact and communicate. It has democratized access to news, reports, commentary and more. Let the world know about your progress and goals by sharing stats, workouts and graphs so everyone knows what you are capable of.



Use Fitbit to track everyday steps, distance traveled, stairs climbed, calories burned, sleep and more. Stay motivated by sending Fitbit information to your computer or smartphone so you're always on top of your daily activity. Use Fitbit with Fitdigits to get a more accurate total daily caloric burn.

Misfit Shine

Whether walking, cycling, swimming or sleeping is your thing, Shine will provide stats, track your daily activity and will help you set goal and trends. Better yet, linking your Shine account with Fitdigits will reveal a wealth of data about you, your progress over time and overall health and fitness.


Record your weight and blood pressure with a Withings Blood Pressure Monitor or WiFi Weight Scale, and have all of your information sync directly to the Fitdigits app and Always be on top of your health data, and see the correlation between health and fitness with Withings and Fitdigits.

Garmin Vivofit

Use Vivofit to track caloric burn, total steps, activity levels, nutrition and more. The Biggest Loser™ solution thousands are using to lose weight and be healthy every day.



iOS Only - Stay on top of your weight loss and nutrition with LoseIt! Enter in your weight loss goal, pair with Fitdigits to upload your workouts, and LoseIt will suggest how many calories you can eat. Track the food you eat, and LoseIt will use its extensive catalog of foods to record the calories consumed.


MyFitnessPal is a free online diet and fitness community, created to help you lose weight and get healthy! Shed pounds by connecting with Fitdigits to upload all of your workouts to MyFitnessPal, and track your calories consumed quickly and easily with the their library of foods and dishes.

Other Partners


Introduced in iOS 8, Apple’s Health app is a repository of health metrics. When linked, Fitdigits shares your hard-earned active calories, activities and more recorded in our app to Health so you get a global picture of your health.

Daily Mile

Dailymile is a social fitness community for people like you. If you are a beginner or an experienced marathoner, dailymile is a place for encouragement and support to help you stay focused and motivated. Share Fitdigits workouts to show the dailymile community all you have accomplished!


Runkeeper is a personal trainer and fitness log all in one! Upload to Runkeeper all of your riveting runs, bomb bike rides and wonderful walks. Connect your Runkeeper account with Fitdigits so you can send all of your Fitdigits recorded workouts straight to the Runkeeper app.


TrainingPeaks is the ultimate training log and food diary designed to help motivated individuals and professionals achieve health, fitness and peak performance. Plan, record and organize workouts and nutritional information in one easy location.

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