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Running Rescues

Life is better running with a dog!

We will donate $1 to Dobies and Little Paws no kill dog rescue for every person who records a Dog Walk that is tracked using our apps on Saturday, October 13th, 2018, then join us for beer and prizes Sunday at

Ok-Dober-Fest 2018


It's been a rough year for our local no kill dog rescue Dobies and Little Paws. The Thomas Fires took quite a toll and cost a fortune to re-locate and take care of all those dogs for many weeks. My wife and I lost our house in the fires as well. We are all still coming back to a new normal.


You can see my dobies and I almost any day now that we've managed to move back into the area (try renting with 3 big dogs! It isn't easy!), running along the bike paths and beaches of Ventura. We love it, outside, feeling the fresh air, enjoying the time just moving… plus we all get to eat just that much more kibble without it being (too) detrimental!


Dobies can be great runners. My boy Elmer has done a few races with me, and loves to glide easily next to me as I work my butt off. If you love to run, maybe a dobie (or little paw!) is in your future too – a fantastic companion out there.

 If you are in Ventura California on Sunday, October 14th, or are interested in joining our Okdoberfest Annual Fundraiser party and raffle for the dogs at Ventura Coast Brewery,  1-4pm,  or join Dobies and Little Paws on Facebook for access to the raffle & updates!

On Saturdays, we invite you to come visit the Dobies and Little Paws rescue ranch. So many loving dogs there who love walks, and those who love the jogs and runs too. Wouldn’t you, after being in a kennel all day? They are so appreciative, and it is so much fun to give them a smile on their faces.


As an added bonus, as the President of Fitdigits, the company that produces the iCardio, iRunner and iBiker apps for Android and iOS, we are offering to donate $1 for every person who records a Dog Walk that is tracked using our apps! Our apps get you motivated and track your activities and workouts, with maps, charts, and motivational content, and are free to download. Our specialty is heart rate training, but that isn’t required here.


Record a dog walk on October 13th on one of our apps – and that is it! We’ll look at the totals in the back end, and make a donation to Dobies and Little Paws based on the number of dog walks recorded that day.


Please, download the apps and / or donate to help out the cause. Running Rescues is a beautiful thing.



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iCardio   iRunner    iBiker    iWalker



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